Episode 11 – Bluetooth and Wireless Speakers

In this episode, we look at the current state of Bluetooth speakers and some good recommendations. We also take a look at more powerful, wireless home speakers and your best options for the indoors as well! Enjoy the sunny outdoors without leaving your music behind!

Episode 10 – February News

In this episode, Drew catches you up on the important things you should know that happened this month. Topics include the new Samsung Galaxy S10 and Fold phones, IKEA getting into the smart home space, Amazon buying a mesh company, and Tesla taking care of your dogs!

Episode 9 – Cutting the Cord

Are you sick of paying for that expensive cable TV package? In this episode, Drew describes all of your options with new streaming TV services so that you might finally be able to cut the cable cord once and for all! Apps such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, PS Vue, Sling, and YouTube TV are described in detail and compared to one another.

Episode 8 – January News

Phew! January is nearly over, but there was so much tech news to cover with CES happening this month in Las Vegas! In this episode, Drew discusses the big Apple news that shook the stock, the Samsung Galaxy S10, the reemergence of Apple AirPower rumors, Dolby’s first headphones, robots and much, much more!

Episode 7 – 2018 Holiday Tech Gift Guide

The first annual SoundHub Holiday Tech Gift Guide! Drew gives recommendations on the products that are worth your money from 2018! TVs, Speakers, Headphones, Tablets, and children’s gifts and recommendations are all on tap…just in time for last minute Amazon shopping 🙂